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"Ookami Kodomo No Hana no ie"is an old private house used as the model of the house in which the hero "Hana" and family of movie "Ookami Kodomo No Ame To Yuki".
This homepage is disseminates information from the old private house of "Hana".



Although the house of "Hana" is a private, it is opened to the public by courtesy of the landlord.
Management is provided by the donation.
The collection box is prepared in this house, please give us your cooperation.

in Winter
The open time of the house of "Hana" is from 10:00 until 16:00 Open and furthermore sometime closed due to bad weather etc.
Even if a our member is within, this time is acceptable.You can enter along the notice of the entrance door.
Would you recommended to contact us over a week ago.

There is no preparation of a parking lot in the heart of the mountains as within a movie where the house of "Hana" is the same.

During winter may be very dangerous due to bad weather.
In bad weather, the house will close.
You need adequate attention and planning for this time visit.

Please come a taxi our recommend.
A taxi information desk is located at Kamiichi Station.
A charge is one way of about 4,000 yen from Kamiichi Station.
But some time normal Taxi can not be reached to the house.
You need to reserve a four-wheel drive Taxy
.Prease ask taxi information desk.
Taxy infomation desk phone numberit is on the link page.
If you are difficult to make a reservation,we can contact taxi instead.

We are preparing a paid tour.
Round trip to the house from station and Walking around the surrounding stage model etc.
Please have enough time to contact us

You should have Rain boots and anti-slip belt for shoes.

And more, do not push yourself.Winter is very strict.If an accident happens,we have to stop showing the house.

Tourist information center
A tourist information center is located at Kamiichi Station, and required information is acquired.
Guidance to the house of "Hana" and other guidance to a tourist resort are.
Please ask the tourist agency here information until it comes to the house of "Hana", and guidance of stay in a town.

If the snow melting system is operating,you cannot by foot to the house.Be sure to use a taxi.
Snow melting system is operating Between 1.2km from Oiwa.it's very powerful system to deal with heavy snow.

They are 210m elevation of 1.7 km of distance from the Ooiwa to the house of "Hana".

3 tons of water flow per minute.It is almost impossible to walk.

There are two branch roads on the way.
All go to the left.

The rights (getting down way) of the second branch road are other dwellings.
Please don't mistake absolutely and don't enter.
The house of "Hana" is the left.

A small fire-fighting warehouse is located on the entrance left of a house. House of Hana cannot see this road.

There is a signboard at the entrance.

Address of Hana no ie

Aso18 Kamiichi-machi
Toyama-ken 930-0464 JAPAN