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"Ookami Kodomo No Hana no ie"is an old private house used as the model of the house in which the hero "Hana" and family of movie "Ookami Kodomo No Ame To Yuki".
This homepage is disseminates information from the old private house of "Hana".


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Tour Guide

Kamiich tourist information center 
Questions to anyting,Tourism,Lodging,
Directions,of Kamiich

Kamiich-Town Hall

Taxy infomation desk

Kamiichkotu 076-472-0151  From overseas +81 76 472 0151
Asahi Taxy 076-472-0456   From overseas +81 76 472 0456

Fan site

Exploring Ookamikodomono ame to yoki models
Models such as Tokyo and Tateyama forest, nature observation, Ame&Yuki's elementary school have been introduced.

Introduced in earnest! Kamiich-town in Toyama Prefecture
Mr. Hiruno Narikawa of living in Kamiich-town, is a blog on the movie models introduction.

Lair of the wolf children
Dedicated server which was made by wolf fan.This website is one of community of wolf children.Lets enjoy our website