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"Ookami Kodomo No Hana no ie"is an old private house used as the model of the house in which the hero "Hana" and family of movie "Ookami Kodomo No Ame To Yuki".
This homepage is disseminates information from the old private house of "Hana".


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Snowy, winter days.

enterance photo
Good luck in the snow, ookami flag banners.

Entering the house entrance, just bigiing to see Snowy house.

the house
Completely in snow.

Also garden too.

The barn is zinc roof,Snow fall soon.

The garden by fisheye lens.

noth side
Snow of the roof, still less.

house barn
Snow-covered garden.Um, what the flow?

snow melting
For snow melting, we tried to flush the swamp in this year.It was successful.

Snow has melted, we enter the house easily.

A little more, so the snow fall.Do not approach carelessly.

snow seald
It is covered with snow amulet.Needed to snow removal the roof.

snow doun
Sudden snow fall from the tree.Be careful!

see out side
View from the garden entrance.

Good icicle.

Gutter is damaged by Weight of snow,can be a lot of icicles.

form garden
Because it is surrounded by snow amulet,indoor winter is dark.

gust room window
View from the south side cedar trees gust room.

icicle snow
Winter weather will change soon.

the house in snow
There is no strong,off and on snow.

the house
View form the rough field.In summer the grass is lush,but winter be covered snow.We can enter hear.

See the house from the end of the field.The snow come to stoping.

sun set
Approached the darkness...

orion nevra
See the stars from the break.Also seen the Orion Nebula.

Starry sky is always beautiful.A fly in the ointment,it's a little narrow.

moning light
Morning sunlight into the back of the house.

Trees glowing in the morning lights.

Also shining trees of the mountains.

filds to house
Behind is the south side of the house.

We made Japanease style Igloo. We called Kamakura.

Yet, it is small due to lack of material...

iglu roof
The material on the roof...

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